16 Expedition Supporters killed in a deadly avalanche on Mt. Everest

Heartfelt condolences to the families of :
Mingma Nuru Sherpa(Namche-4)
Dorji Sherpa (Namche-9)
Ang Tshiri Sherpa (Namche-7)
Nima Sherpa (Namche-9)
Phurba Ongyal Sherpa (Khumjung-7)
Lhakpa Tenjing Sherpa (Khumjung-2)
Chhiring Ongchu Sherpa (Khumjung-2)
Dorjee Khatri (Taplejung)
Then Dorjee Sherpa (Khumjung-7)
Phur Temba Sherpa (Sankhasabha)
Pasang Karma Sherpa (Juving-5)
Asman Tamang (Sotang-9)
Tenzing Chottar Sherpa
Ankaji Sherpa
Pem Tenji Sherpa
Ash Bahadur Gurung

May their souls rest in peace. May their families have the strength to come to terms with their loss.

Source: The Kathmandu Post, April 19, 2014 http://www.ekantipur.com/2014/04/19/top-story/15-killed-in-deadliest-everest-avalanche/388466.html

On the theft of Sherpa

I am so sorry for you, but more for me,
that in Sherpa there is no word for ‘guide’.
If there was, I’d give it to you…gladly.
There would be no misgivings between us, then.

You see, as languages go, it’s not very advanced.
An oral language, used by precious few;
on its way to being used by fewer still.
Dying a little death with every passing generation.

You see, there’s been a great misunderstanding,
or shall we say an unseeing, a grand larceny.
Isn’t there an unwritten human code
against stealing such words?
No not patents, proper nouns aren’t they called?
Sherpa with a capital S in the front.

Had we spent more time together,
had we talked as equals do,
I’d tell you what I am, and what my words mean.
I’d even warn you – that some words cannot be stolen;
they are off-limit, personal.
If we could walk as equals do,
There’d be no room for this cruelty, then.

~ Dolma Sherpa

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Enough with hashtags that don’t work since we are not very many using them..so we decided to be more active on twitter. Do join us in taking down brand Sherpa by publicly shaming those who have misappropriated Sherpa. This is how it’s going to work, at the end of any tweet you write to reclaim Sherpa please add @reclaimsherpa so that we can retweet and archive it. Many thanks!

Follow us @reclaimsherpa. Let’s raise hell!

Thanks and next steps

Thanks to all who supported in Reclaiming #Sherpa on Twitter May 29 . Claiming #Sherpa and #Sherpafordummies even for one day was a great feat. It is an uphill battle because Sherpa has been misused so blatantly, increasingly in tech industry. In addition, we ourselves are not organized to raise our voice against this collectively.

Our next steps will be to raise a more organized voice through Sherpa associations in Nepal and in the diaspora, followed by letters and petitions to key companies and organizations that have misappropriated Sherpa. Please join us, we need more people, more support. Any form of support, information and/or suggestion you can provide will be much appreciated. Thank you.

We will of course keep you updated!

May 29, 2013 Reclaiming #Sherpa on Twitter.

On the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Chomolungma (Everest), we commemorated the legacy of Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary, and the Sherpa people by taking this first step towards reclaiming #Sherpa.

Everyday #Sherpa is trivialized on twitter by people who use it in relation to goods and services, as well as its popular usage in the West, which has nothing to do with the Sherpa people of Nepal. Among other things Sherpa is now an app for Andriod that claims: “Even though it sounds impossible, Sherpa learns about what you like and anticipates what you need!” Reclaiming #Sherpa on twitter was a way to draw some much needed attention to this issue.

Protest Tweets

  • We are Reclaiming #Sherpa. #Respect our cultural identity. #Sherpafordummies
  • The world is a pretty sad place when after 60+ years of cultural exchange #Sherpa is still known as a guide, what insult!
  • Porters do exist. U cannot make them invisible. U cannot feel better by calling them #sherpa #Dignityoflabor #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa does not mean a mountain guide or a porter. It is an ethnic group in Nepal #Sherpafordummies
  • Before u speak, let ur words pass through 3 gates..is it true, is it necessary, is it kind? #Sufi saying #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa is an indigenous ethnic group in #Nepal. Don’t impose your meaning on us. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa is a cultural group with its history, culture and language. Stop stealing our identity. #Sherpafordummies
  • There is no virtual #Sherpa, only the real kind who think, feel, see, speak and tweet. #Sherpafordummies
  • Consumers be aware. Stop consuming #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • Stop all forms of cultural mis-appropriation. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • Cultural imperialists leave #Sherpa alone. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa does not mean a guide in Tibetan. Your ignorance is an affront to us. #Sherpafordummies
  • Show some love for #Sherpa people. Do us a favor, don’t define us. Thank you very much. #Sherpafordummies
  • Consumers, consuming anything #Sherpa is like consuming live people, live cultures, symbolically. You don’t want to do that. #Sherpafordummies
  • “He who knows does not speak.He who speaks does not know.” Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • Sherpa (s) existed before you needed to define us. We still exist. Please stop stealing from us.  #Sherpafordummies
  • You cannot benefit from #Whiteprivilege and then claim to be a Sherpa as well, now can you? #Sherpafordummies
  • We are in solidarity with all other minority cultures that have been misappropriated by mainstream white culture. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • We are not only fighting for our name. We are fighting for your control over us, our narratives. #Sherpafordummies
  • There are many forms of terror and violence. Can you even understand the harm that you cause us by misappropriating our name? #Sherpafordummies
  • This single #Sherpa story that has been popularized by western companies wasnt written by Sherpa mountain guides. #Sherpafordummies
  • The #Sherpa story popularizd in West wasn’t written by Pasang Lhamu Sherpa 1st Nepali woman mountaineer to scale Chomolungma #Sherpafordummies
  • This single #Sherpa story that has been popularized by western companies wasnt written by Sherpas. They don’t even know us. #Sherpafordummies
  • Cultural appropriators of #Sherpa, stop putting wrong ideas of what a Sherpa is into the heads of your ignorant mass consumers. #Sherpafordummies
  • Western companies, u cannot use #Sherpa just because you like the sound of it. Your ignorance of us is not amusing to us. #Sherpafordummies
  • You think you are doing us a favor by using our name. But we can see through your self-interest. Stop faking! #Sherpafordummies
  • Let us make it clear here&now, there is no lower case “s” in a Sherpa. Stop robbing us of our voice to represent ourselves #Sherpafordummies
  • There is no common usage of Sherpa. There is only one Sherpa and tht is the ethnic group in Nepal.Stop wth ur imposition.#Sherpafordummies
  • You are not accepting us or appreciating us by calling someone brave a Sherpa. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • Stop using “My #Sherpa” You don’t own us. It is politically incorrect nowadays to own people. Be aware! <#Sherpafordummies
  • Our “higher understanding” tells us that you are disrespecting our culture by misappropriating #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • People in marketing don’t be lazy, there r zillion of words you could have used. Do some research before you brand! #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • Some words cant be borrowed. U have to learn, u have to make some effort to understand the rest of us as we are. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • This ally believes in listening to #Sherpas. Watching an episode on the discovery channel doesnt make u an expert.
  • #Sherpa (s) are people, not an app or brand of jacket. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa is an Indigenous Nationality of Nepal fighting for political equality in ‘high caste’ Hindu male-centric Nepal. #Sherpafordummies
  • Ethnic group of Nepal are claiming their identity. Educating Nepalese abt, Who is Sherpa is equally important? #Sherpafordummies
  • Hello world, lets not define the revered word #Sherpa as “goods and services”. Stop sherpa-ing. #SherpaforDummies
  • #Sherpa:An indigenous ethnic group from Nepal  #EducateYourSelf  #GettheFactsRight  #Sherpafordummies
  • Dear cultural appropriators, you are our baggage. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpas (s) for better labor standards and unions for porters and mountain guides. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpas (s) for #Dignityoflabor and #Respect  #Sherpafordummies

Tweets targeted towards companies and organizations

  • @SherpaES you have no right to misappropriate #Sherpa. We are an ethnic group from Nepal. You cannot define us. #Sherpafordummies
  • “#Sherpa..promises better experience than Apple’s Siri” Its all abt ur experience eh, wht abt ours of havin to deal wth U.#Sherpafordummies
  • Artiz Aduriz is a professional football player & a #Sherpa user. Wonder if he really knows wht he is using. Stop stealing Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaES Why are your #Sherpa dummies so frantic, is that how u see us? It might stress our consumers out to see them, no?#Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa app consumers, don’t you think the dummies are too frantic looking, @SherpaES how dare you name them Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaES Thanks for handling our PR but we never wanted to known as an app for android. Where did that come from? #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpasummit U really think u are #Sherpa U got the Sherpa expertise! What u r is a perfect case of cultural imperialism. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpasummit If you wanted to pay homage to #Sherpa (s), you would be hosting this summit in #Sherpa language. #Sherpafordummies
  •  We r amazed by ur inability to understand us, UR insensitivity. We r reclaiming #Sherpa so get with the program. #Sherpafordummies
  • There is not one #Sherpa in the #G20 Sherpa, how ironic! #Sherpafordummies
  • #G20 really? Can you see how you just distorted the meaning of #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • #G20 why am I not amazed that it is u of all international forums that would misappropriate #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake. ~ Confucius #Sherpa#Sherpafordummies
  • Dear Durable, we do not belong to you, you can not have us in your iPads to do your work for u. We abhor the way you are using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • University of Nottingham&Co, what will u teach your students if not to respect other cultures. Wht does #Sherpa mean to u.#Sherpafordummies
  • Sherpinis against #Sherpani. We can see through your wordplay. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • ARRS SHERPA, from this day on Sherpa is an ethnic group in Nepal. Not your personal guide to peak performance.Gotit! #Sherpafordummies
  • Sherpa Coaching from Ohio, USA, U need to relearn what #Sherpa (s)R.Don’t worry we will guide U step by step for free. #Sherpafordummies
  • @DomainSherpa @FestivalSherpa @Asso_SHERPA @MarketingSherpa @StandardsSherpa You don’t have the right to use #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @onesherpa Be generous in your outlook, stop abusing #Sherpa, you have no right to do so. #Sherpafordummies
  • @MarketingSherpa U have no right to market Sherpa, we are an ethnic group from Nepal, not a quality or a profession.#Sherpafordummies
  • @cloudsherpas @GlobalSherpa @WeekendSherpa @SHERPAServices @SherpaBaarn We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @urbansherpatrav @yogasherpa  @LarrySherpa @FearTheSilent @gibmck @sherpa_nw We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaFinance @sherpa_nieuws  @thegeeksherpa  @CrimsonSherpa @SherpaGrafisch We are an ethnic group Stop using  #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @TrailSherpa @fantasy_sherpa @SherpaES @SurvivalSherpa @CouponSherpa @RetailSherpa WeR an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaConcerts @AdventureSherpa @Babysherpa59 @Emailium_Sherpa @SpaceSherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @BusinessSherpa @LibrarySherpa @SmartGridSherpa @UrbanSherpaNY We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaRecruiter @TheSherpaTimes @SherpasCinema @TheGolfSherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @DesignSherpa @sherpajourneys @BrandSherpa @AdventureSherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @Babysherpa59 @Emailium_Sherpa @SherpasCinema @TheGolfSherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @DesignSherpa  @sherpajourneys @BrandSherpa @SHERPAtweet We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @TravelSherpa @ChurchWebSherpa @Sherpa72  @SherpaReport We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @DivorceSherpa @SpiceSherpa  @sherpa_ks @UrbanSherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @MapSherpa @GamingSherpa @TradeSherpa @CreditSherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  •  @Sherpa_Exp @we_are_sherpa @DisneySherpa1 We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • @concertsherpa @WSMobileSherpas @MedicareSherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaBasecamp @BikeSherpa @CommunitySherpa We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  •  @SherpaLux @SherpaHost @SherpaGranada @guitarsherpa @AppStoreSherpa  @SherpaSocialMed  Stop using #Sherpafordummies
  • @foodsherpa @SentSherpa @SherpaSoftware @SherpaDesk @Tashi_GAdv Stop using  #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaTraining @SherpaTools @job_sherpa @Sherpa1931 Stop using  #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • @ComputerSherpa @ChinaSherpas @TheProcesSherpa @SherpaLLC Stop using #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  •  @pmsherpa @mc_Sherpa @SherpaStatus @BrokerSherpa @FrontSherpa @WineSherpa1 Stop using #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • @Sherpa_Life @TripSherpa @legal_sherpa @acrosherpas @Health_Sherpa @StevetheSherpa WeR an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • @AgileSherpa @sherpaleap @TheShowSherpa @sherpapen @SherpaBeNL @SherpaFinancial We are an ethnic group Stop using #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaTransport @BrewSherpa @menusherpa @eventsherpa @DigitalSherpas @FD_BeerSherpa WeR an ethnic group Stop usin #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • @SellingSherpa You need to know that #Sherpa is an ethnic group from Nepal. You are disrespecting a group of people. #Sherpafordummies
  • @SherpaAG What are your thoughts on the rampant cultural misappropriation, commodification of #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies

Tweets about what it means to be a Sherpa (from personal experiences of some Sherpas)

  • Yes, we are from the Himalaya Mountain region, that doesn’t mean we have to be associated with climbing job for ever #Sherpafordummies #Sherpa
  • #Sherpa is an ethnic group, does not mean a porter, guide, mountaineer….I am a registered nurse and I am a #sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you grew up eating a wide variety of dishes made from potatoes imported especially from Khumbu. #SherpaForDummies
  • Majority of #Sherpa people loves to visit Buddhist pilgrim sites during harsh winter season. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you crave for suchya. If u don’t know what suchya is then you cannot obviously claim to be a #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are not a #Sherpa just by wearing ‘Angi’ and ‘Chuwa” (Sherpa dress). You have to know the language and its culture.
  • I heard the mountain porters in Peru are called #Sherpa. Please do’t use such title. Respect our community. #Sherpafordummies
  • I am a #Sherpa but unfortunately I never climbed a single peak. #Sherpafordummies
  • The #Sherpa used to wear locally produced warm woolen cloths before down jackets and western cloths came. #Sherpafordummies
  • The #Sherpa step dance ‘Shebru” is fun and goes on all night, if the dance group is good in singing and dancing. #Sherpafordummies
  • Natural conservation has been practiced by #Sherpa people long before National Park came in #Sherpafordummies
  • Life in the mountain is harsh but we the #Sherpa people are happy where we grew up and proud to be #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa only if you have been brought up on rigi kur and somar. #Sherpafordummies
  • Do you know what “Sol Shey” or “Kha Chum” means, if you don’t then most likely you are not a #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • You are not a #Sherpa if your parents never pressured you to make three rounds of Soyambhu at the bottom, yes, at 6 am. #Sherpafordummies
  • Did you sneak up on your grandmother’s tongba, if not then you are not a #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • Have you eaten Sen with Soldur and felt it warm your stomach. No, then you are not a #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • Do you like Rilduk. I do, because I am a #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • Have people you just met asked you “Do you live in Bouddha?” If so you might be a #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • You are not a #Sherpa if you think chicken momo is the best.#Sherpafordummies
  • You are not a #Sherpa woman if you have not wondered why its mostly us who has to do the “Shey Shey”. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are not a young #Sherpa woman if you did not try to skip the sexist hierarchies while serving food.#Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you were in a school in Kathmandu and all the other Sherpas in the school were your cousins. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if your racist rongba friends called you Jackie (whose last name was Chan) and you hated it.#Sherpafordummies #Nepal
  • You are a #Sherpa if you dad had to post a note in Nepali in every room in the house about the importance of speaking Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies #Nepal
  • You are a #Sherpa if you did not have enough to write on an essay question about Dashain in an exam, because you never celebrated Dashain. #Sherpafordummies #Nepal
  • You are not a #Sherpa if you don’t know how to do Shebru, or don’t even know what it means. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a young #Sherpa if you go into the chyokchum and do shyawa come exam time. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you call your Ajyang (maternal uncle)’s son Ajyang too. #Sherpafordummies
  • If you could just see this #Sherpa all your romantic ideas about what a Sherpa is would vaporize. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you ate all your Sherpa language while quite young. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a young #Sherpa who never understood one word of what the Rinpoche was talking about.  #Sherpafordummies
  • U are a #Sherpa if waking up before sunrise makes u think of Losar, sometimes..#Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you omitted telling your friends that you celebrated Bhai Tika while growing up. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies #Nepal
  • You are a #Sherpa if your government could not keep up with your one-day most important holiday. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you are a connoisseur of potatoes and prepare it in a wide variety of ways, all very difficult. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa if you are still thinking of the #Sherpamob.#Sherpafordummies
  • Do you celebrate losar? If not can’t claim to be a #Sherpa, can u! Losar is our new year, our most important festival. #Sherpafordummies
  • You know u are a #Sherpa living overseas if u attempt(& manage)to make urself riggi kurr,somar,khapse & chyang within days #sherpafordummies
  • I’m from Nepal and can carry heavy loads. Does this mean I’m a #Sherpa? Ans: No! #Sherpafordummies
  • The #Sherpa community does not allow any form of killing or animal slaughter in their villages. #Sherpafordummies
  • The ‘Jopko’ a domestic animal (cross between yak and cow) is only found is #Sherpa land. #Sherpafordummies
  • The title #Sherpa used for expedition supporter member is wrong. This needs to be changed to “HELPER OR SUPPORTER”.
  • I hate when some Westerners asks a #Sherpa how many times you climbed mt. Everest or how much you can carry?
  • You are a #Sherpa only if you had to walk 2 hours to reach your school in Khumjung from Namche #Sherpafordummies
  • I am a #Sherpa. Please don’t ever ask me how many kilo I carry on my back #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa only if you get to talk with people who encountered YETI. #Sherpafordummies
  • You are a #Sherpa only if you believe BEYUL (hidden valley) is a place where every aspect of nature is conserved. #Sherpafordummies
  • U are a #Sherpa if ur grandparents made Arak on the terrace and u looked forward to roasted potatoes on the fortuitous day #Sherpafordummies
  • U are a #Sherpa if you like foraging through Chow and picking out the best things before someone else does. #Sherpafordummies
  • U are a #Sherpa if No doesnt mean NO when it comes to serving guests, especially elder Sherpas. #Sherpafordummies

Tweets in Spanish (Thanks to Jose) : Most current tweets with #Sherpa are in Spanish because of the recent launch of the Sherpa app for Andriod by the Spanish company SHERPA EUROPE S. L., according to them Sherpa is the new Siri in town. We wonder if this Sherpa is male or female.

  • Recuperando #Sherpa. #Respeto a nuestra identidad cultural. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa no significa guía de montaña o porteador. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa es un grupo étnico de Nepal. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa es un grupo cultural con una cultura y un lenguaje propios. #Sherpafordummies
  • #Sherpa no significa guía o líder, no nos podéis definir. #Sherpafordummies
  • Aviso a consumidores. Dejad de consumir. Dejad de consumir #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • Detened todas las formas de apropiamiento cultural indebido. #Sherpa #Sherpafordummies
  • Somos el pueblo #Sherpa y estamos muy orgullosos de ello. #Respeto #Sherpafordummies
  • Imperialistas culturales dejad a los #Sherpa en paz. #Sherpafordummies
  • Eres un #Sherpa si ansías tomar suchya. Si no sabes qué es suchya entonces obviamente no puedes pretender ser un #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • Eres un #Sherpa solo si te has criado comiendo rigi kur y somar. #Sherpafordummies
  • Sabes qué significa “Sol Shey” or “Kha Chum”, si no entonces probablemente no eres un #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • No eres un #Sherpa si tus padres nunca te presionaron para hacer tres rondas de Soyambhu, sí, a las 6 am. #Sherpafordummies
  • Alguna vez te acercaste sigilosamente al tongba de tu abuela, si no entonces no eres un #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • Has comido Sen con Soldur y lo has sentido como te calienta el estómago. No, entonces no eres un #Sherpa. #Sherpafordummies
  • Alguna vez has desplumado el rakhar de tu abuela. Si ni siquiere sabes lo que estoy diciendo entonces no eres un #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • Te gusta el Rilduk. A mí sí, porque soy un #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • Alguna vez una persona que acabas de conocer te ha preguntado “¿vives en Bouddha?” Si es así entonces quizá seas un #Sherpa.#Sherpafordummies
  • No eres un #Sherpa si piensas que los momos de pollo son lo mejor.#Sherpafordummies
  • No eres una #Sherpa si no te has preguntado por qué somos nosotras las que casi siempre hacemos el “Shey Shey”. #Sherpafordummies
  • No eres una joven #Sherpa si no has intentado esquivar jerarquías sexistas al server la comida.#Sherpafordummies
  • Eres un #Sherpa si uestuviste en un colegio en Kathmandú y todos los otros Sherpas del colegio eran tus primos. #Sherpafordummies
  • Eres un #Sherpa si tus amigos rongba te llamaban Jackie y tú lo odiabas.#Sherpafordummies