Thanks and next steps

Thanks to all who supported in Reclaiming #Sherpa on Twitter May 29 . Claiming #Sherpa and #Sherpafordummies even for one day was a great feat. It is an uphill battle because Sherpa has been misused so blatantly, increasingly in tech industry. In addition, we ourselves are not organized to raise our voice against this collectively.

Our next steps will be to raise a more organized voice through Sherpa associations in Nepal and in the diaspora, followed by letters and petitions to key companies and organizations that have misappropriated Sherpa. Please join us, we need more people, more support. Any form of support, information and/or suggestion you can provide will be much appreciated. Thank you.

We will of course keep you updated!


3 thoughts on “Thanks and next steps

  1. Hi there. I have been trying to speak up against the inappropriate use of our identity ‘sherpa’. Can we do another mass twitter protest against this?

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