The Misappropriators

Companies and organizations that have misappropriated Sherpa

  1. App for Andriod by a Spanish company SHERPA EUROPE S. L.,Located at Legazpi 6, 48950 Erandio (Bizkaia), Spain. in 2013
  2. G20 Sherpa
  3. ‘My Sherpa’ is an app for the iPad by a company called Durable, German Office Products manufacturer, in 2012
  4. Sherpa (association), a French network of jurists dedicated to promoting corporate social responsibility @Asso_SHERPA
  5. Sherpa’s Pet Trading Company is the carrier source for pets on the go!
  6. Sherpa’s Food Delivery Service – Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou
  7. SHERPA an open access institutional repository hosted by the University of Nottingham, UK
  8. Cloud Sherpas, a company doing cloud implementation and migration
  9. Sherpa Aircraft Manufacturing, Inc., Oregon.
  10. Kawasaki Super Sherpa, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
  11. Yahoo Sherpa, a distributed key value datastore developed by Yahoo!
  12. Sherpa Adventure Gear based in the US, owned by Sherpas.
  14. Sherpa LLC, North Carolina, provides staffing, recruiting, and consulting services
  15. ARRS SHERPA helps u identify ur knowledge gaps and guides u to educational resources
  16. Sherpa is the CIAO modeling and fitting application
  17. The SHERPA Project, Smart collaboration between Humans and ground-aErial Robots for imProving rescuing activities in Alpine environments: 10 partners (7 universities, 2 companies, 1 association)
  18. Weekend Sherpa is a free weekly email newsletter giving you insiders’ recommendations on the best
  19. Sherpa is a leading provider of Clinical Trial Material management services, CA, US
  20. MarketingSherpa LLC is a firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing FL, US @MarketingSherpa
  21. Sherpa Executive Coaching Ohio USA
  22. One Sherpa Pty Ltd A boutique management consultancy Melbourne, Australia
  23. @DomainSherpa @FestivalSherpa @Asso_SHERPA @MarketingSherpa
  24. @StandardsSherpa @cloudsherpas @GlobalSherpa @WeekendSherpa
  25. @SHERPAServices @SherpaBaarn @urbansherpatrav @yogasherpa
  26. @LarrySherpa @FearTheSilent @gibmck @sherpa_nw @SherpaFinance
  27. @sherpa_nieuws  @thegeeksherpa  @CrimsonSherpa @SherpaGrafisch
  28. @TrailSherpa @fantasy_sherpa @SherpaES @SurvivalSherpa
  29. @CouponSherpa @RetailSherpa @SherpaConcerts @AdventureSherpa
  30. @Babysherpa59 @Emailium_Sherpa @SpaceSherpa @BusinessSherpa
  31. @LibrarySherpa @SmartGridSherpa @UrbanSherpaNY @SherpaRecruiter
  32. @TheSherpaTimes @SherpasCinema @TheGolfSherpa @DesignSherpa
  33. @sherpajourneys @BrandSherpa @AdventureSherpa @Babysherpa59
  34. @Emailium_Sherpa @SherpasCinema @TheGolfSherpa @DesignSherpa
  35. @sherpajourneys @BrandSherpa @SHERPAtweet @TravelSherpa
  36. @ChurchWebSherpa @Sherpa72  @SherpaReport @DivorceSherpa
  37. @SpiceSherpa  @sherpa_ks @UrbanSherpa @MapSherpa @GamingSherpa
  38. @TradeSherpa @CreditSherpa @Sherpa_Exp @we_are_sherpa
  39. @DisneySherpa1 @concertsherpa @WSMobileSherpas @MedicareSherpa
  40. @SherpaBasecamp @BikeSherpa @CommunitySherpa @SherpaLux
  41. @SherpaHost @SherpaGranada @guitarsherpa @AppStoreSherpa
  42. @SherpaSocialMed @foodsherpa @SentSherpa @SherpaSoftware
  43. @SherpaDesk @Tashi_GAdv @SherpaTraining @SherpaTools
  44. @job_sherpa @Sherpa1931 @ComputerSherpa @ChinaSherpas
  45. @TheProcesSherpa @SherpaLLC @pmsherpa @mc_Sherpa
  46. @SherpaStatus @BrokerSherpa @FrontSherpa @WineSherpa1
  47. @Sherpa_Life @TripSherpa @legal_sherpa @acrosherpas @Health_Sherpa
  48. @StevetheSherpa @AgileSherpa @sherpaleap @TheShowSherpa
  49. @sherpapen @SherpaBeNL @SherpaFinancial @SherpaTransport
  50. @BrewSherpa @menusherpa @eventsherpa @DigitalSherpas
  51. @FD_BeerSherpa

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